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Family Name Red Tag Description Members COM_FABRIK_ORDERCreated
Jυѕтιfιє∂ Dєѕтяυ¢тισи {[JD]}® Jυѕтιfιє∂ Dєѕтяυ¢тισи is a hand-picked clan of loyal, hardcore Mafia Wars players that protect each other. 31 2015-11-28
※ƒ{m} Muppets with Guns MUPPETS There\'s a fine line between genius and insanity. We have erased this line. Welcome to Muppets with Guns!! 100k combined with 80k health to join. 42 2015-11-27
AYLBTU [AYLBTU] #1 :P 95 2015-11-27
POSEIDON [Ψ] Forkers 24 2015-11-27
MdM~ Godmother of Death~ Elite ΞmðmΞ We are women who fight. Please see our war page (~MdM~ WAR PAGE)for further information. WOMEN ONLY. 61 2015-11-27
Poison(US) / ΞPoisonλ† PoisonUS We are addicts who EMBRACE our addiction. We are fiercely loyal to our clan and our friends. We are here to FIGHT and have FUN as we play our game with honor and good humor. Our Drop-in Center is open 24/7 ~ Come say hello and let the healing begin :) 51 2015-11-27
ΞŁƳSłUM .♉. Kick ass little ninjas 66 2015-11-27
1st Family ¹ 1st Family, More Fighting, Less Politics :) 89 2015-11-27
BALKANSKA MAFIA [BM] 83 2015-11-27
BALKANSKA MAFIA. [BM]. If you want to join, please fill first our recruitment form :\nhttps://spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dEtObV9ybVpCQndpZThuM0JJbWROemc6MQ\nan administrator will contact you shortly! 37 2015-11-27
MADHOUSE M@DHou$e Welcome to the M@DHouse! We take the M@d in this institution and leave the drama for a theater. :-) 33 2015-11-27
ƁLǺZ€ϟ-Ṅ-ḞĨṜ€ [ϟ] Welcome to the family! Customize your message to new members 55 2015-11-27
Hyperion FC ☪⁂ ! @ el Que Le sake Ice a LOs Kamy 3 2015-11-26
Borinquneer PUR A great part of life is when your family become your friends and your friends become your family.....love all..Fadi Nasser... 88 2015-11-26
Protectors-Maniacs-Warlords [{(ק๓ฬ)} Protectors-Maniacs-Warloads - ●קּஐ●\n\nProtectors of the clan, Maniacs in the field of Fighters, Warlords of your destruction. 18 2015-11-26
[TormenT] ŦormenŦ Describe why your Family is awesome and any requirements needed for potential members 42 2015-11-26
RivalBee - \n Loki warriors Ł๑қɨ ╬ Been there, done that and will do it again… 13 2015-11-26
[XYLONS]² [XYLON]² Describe why your Family is awesome and any requirements needed for potential members 32 2015-11-25
[XYLONS] [XYLONS] We play MW here....how it should be played. We help our family by sending them gifts to make them stronger BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS TO HAVE FUN. THIS IS A GAME AND GAMES ARE FUN. 49 2015-11-25
Public-Enemy ᴾᴱ We\'re looking for fighters that have\nAt least 100k combined\nor\nAt least 60k attack with 60k health.\nwe can help you grow and membership has it\'s privileges.\nWe like participating in all events and a drive by here and there to help pass the time. 18 2015-11-25