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Family Name Red Tag Description Members COM_FABRIK_ORDERCreated
ТHΞ SТЯΛЛGΞЯS ☩]§ƮЯ[☩ Describe why your Family is awesome and any requirements needed for potential members 20 2015-07-06
ՀσനʙɪƐ ىǫںɑɗ [Z◣◢S] We are the Zombie Squad! We roam the streets of Mafia Wars looking for new players to infect! If you\'re 40K combined , have 25K health or more, contact ZS Aethyr! 29 2015-07-06
Wicked Slayers ‡₩§‡ Everyone wants some We need some too 32 2015-07-06
UNTOUCHABLES ∞ UT's © We are a family, not a clan. Contact any admin if you are interested and joining. 50 2015-07-06
The GoodFellas Family {TGFF} The only requirements for the GoodFellas family is the following:1) Be there for your family whenever you are called upon to do so.2) Follow our rules and guidelines3) Have fun!! 59 2015-07-06
Small Player - Big Fun we are small fighter with big hearts 9 2015-07-06
RivalBee - \n Loki warriors Ł๑қɨ ╬ Been there, done that and will do it again… 16 2015-07-06
The Insane Asylum ¤Äs¥¤ Taking our meds and licking the windows 33 2015-07-06
Stormtroopers of Death {ŞѺĐ} Clan that supports each other during wars, missions, fights. We Like to have a lot of fun doing so. 46 2015-07-06
Łoyalty and Warriors [ŁAW] Our War Page: http://www.facebook.com/groups/106823539348169/permalink/656559147707936/ 52 2015-07-06
Loyalty and Warriors [LAW] LAW has always set the tone for respect, fair play, support for its members and a passion for the game! 47 2015-07-06
LT's Krib LTK 49 2015-07-06
ZeroBS ᴢᴯș ᴢᴯș is the place to be! Now Recruiting Fighters! 100k minimum for red or white tag. Msg any member for application. 14 2015-07-06
French connection [FC] Describe why your Family is awesome and any requirements needed for potential members 38 2015-07-06
Death Squad {NYCOBE} We are a strong level 10 family rapidly approaching level 11.\nWe are looking for strong serious players, that can handle the daily requirements and then some with ease. Contact: \nEd Melnik, https://www.facebook.com/arnold.layne.3914 36 2015-07-06
CZECHO SLOVAK LIONS [CSL] We are a purely national clan. How you can find all the conditions of joining us /http://csl.clanweb.eu/ We gladly welcome you in best CZ/SK clan..... 45 2015-07-06
Czecho Slovak Legion CS Leg!e CS Leg!e je len pre hracov CZ a SVK, max. hovoriacich nasou recou. V pripade zaujmu vyplnte nasledovny formular a my sa Vam ozveme. http://tinyurl.com/nlwkl5o 29 2015-07-06
Croatian Mafia [CRO] WE are ONE, We are CROATS. We are Gracious in victory, stand tall and PROUD in defeat!STRENGTH, LOYALTY, RESPECT, HONOR and above all UNITY which Binds us into the fighting force that is CROATIANS! 47 2015-07-06
ƁLǺZ€ϟ-Ṅ-ḞĨṜ€ [ϟ] Welcome to the family! Customize your message to new members 47 2015-07-06
[BBMF] [BBMF] Like to fight? Got a sense of humour? Understand LHR? Let\'s talk: http://tinyurl.com/alkrslw 59 2015-07-06