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Destiny Loot Cave Super Charged
‘Destiny': How to Easily Farm Loot as a Warlock

Destiny’s legacy won’t be its record-breaking sales, its silky-smooth gameplay, or its ambitious – if ultimately underwhelming – MMORPG-styled mechanics. Instead, it’s going to be that darn loot cave. Originally, the location allowed players to power up their characters through repetition instead of effort, and came to symbolize everything good and bad about Destiny: a flawed levelling system, addictive gameplay, and a dedicated and passionate fan base.

While Bungie patched out the original loot cave, the exploit proved to be somewhat like the mythical hydra: chop off one head, and two more take its place. Less than twenty four hours after the original loot cave closed, players found another one. Since then, the gaming community has been filled with stories of new loot caves and loot stairs; basically, any place where players can easily farm engrams (items) or glimmer (money) spreads through the Internet like wildfire.

Now, one enterprising player has discovered a new way to take advantage of the location popularly known “Loot Cave 2.0,” which is found on Venus’ Shattered Coast. Normally, Destiny players who travel to the location to gain experience, glimmer, and engrams use the Ice Breaker sniper rifle to pick off enemies from afar; it’s a foolproof process, but it’s also a lot easier with a friend. However, a gamer who goes by the name MeowzaForce thinks he’s found a better way. Not only does MeowzaForce’s new technique yield up to 25,000 glimmer per hour, but it’s easily accomplished solo.

MeowzaForce’s short video outlines the process in detail, although at its core it’s pretty simple. Interested players will need a Voidwalker build: essentially, MeowzaForce uses the Bad JuJu pulse rifle and the Obsidian Mind helmet (released in the Dark Below expansion pack) to create an endless supply of Nova Bombs, the Voidwalker’s explosive super ability, which quickly clear out the room. A quick jump restarts the enemy spawning process; then, just repeat, and repeat, and repeat.

This may not be better a better method than the tired-and-true Ice Breaker strategy – the video’s comments section is currently home to a healthy debate on the topic – but there’s no doubt that it’s effective. Most importantly, however, the video shows just how dedicated the Destiny community is to finding new and innovative ways to game the system.

The loot cave has already been memorialized in Dying Light, Borderlands, and the stand-alone Interactive Cave Shooting Simulator. Bungie’s probably not happy about it, but the loot cave has become an integral part of the Destiny experience; if only we could say the same thing about the game’s story

Source: MeowzaForce Gaming

Original author: Christopher Gates
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Xbox One Chat Headset
Xbox One April Update Adds Voice Messages, Dedicated Party Chat Servers

As far as features go, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are locked in a kind of virtual arms race. Since the two systems premiered in 2013, both Sony and Microsoft have been playing a game of one-upmanship, trying to make sure that their respective consoles can do everything their competitors can – if not more.

Just last month, the Xbox One finally got its long-requested cross-game screenshot feature, something that PlayStation 4 owners have been enjoying for months. Sony retaliated by adding suspend mode, which allows players to turn off the system without losing any in-game progress; of course, that was supposed to be a launch feature, and it’s something that the Xbox One has been able to do for over a year and a half.

With the Xbox One’s April update, Microsoft ups the ante again. As revealed in a preview hosted by Larry Hryb, aka Xbox Live’s Major Nelson, and Xbox Engineering Team member Richard Irving, the console’s latest update offers a series of small under-the-hood performance tweaks, as well as a number of changes aimed at improving communication between users.

Notably, the April update introduces one of the Xbox One’s most requested features: voice messages. Once the update hits, users will be able to open the messaging app and leave other players pre-recorded messages using either the Kinect or the Xbox headset. Even better, these messages work across platforms, meaning that Xbox One owners can talk with Xbox 360 gamers with absolutely no obstacles.

The Xbox One’s party chat will also receive a few tweaks. Most importantly, party chat will use dedicated servers if users’ network settings are causing problems, eliminating the need for users to adjust their network themselves (this feature will only enter testing in April; the full release has no scheduled release date). Additionally, party chat errors will be much easier to solve. Post-update, the Xbox One will notify players if their microphone is accidentally turned off or if the console is experiencing connection errors.

The console will also alert users when their privacy settings are getting in the way of chatting. For example, some users only allow chat among people on their friends list. Sometimes, this causes problems: for example, if friends of a friend enter party chat, the user with more restrictive privacy settings won’t be able to hear them. In that case, the Xbox One will issue an alert, prompting the user to change their privacy settings, or just add the users to their friends list.

Other updates include more detailed achievement notifications (now, the achievement’s description will be included in the alert), as well as more transparency in the Xbox One’s Game Hubs. Individually, none of these additions or updates are groundbreaking, but together they add up, making the Xbox One dashboard an even more fluid and user-friendly experience.

Source: Xbox Wire

Original author: Christopher Gates
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Josh Hamrick
Senior ‘Destiny’ Designer Heads to Bethesda

On first glance, the Halo and The Elder Scrolls series are nothing alike. One is a set of sci-fi first-person shooters with  tightly controlled, cinematic stories and competitive multiplayer modes. The other is made up of medieval fantasy role-playing games that prioritize world-building over all else, offering gamers hundreds of hours’ worth of single player content that they can explore at their own pace. They’re both great franchises, but they have almost nothing in common.

Until now. Last Friday, designer Josh Hamrick took to social media to announce his immediate departure from Bungie, the developer behind Halo and Destiny, in favor of a new job at Bethesda Studios, the company that makes the Elder Scrolls and Fallout.

From all indications, the split between Hamrick and Bungie was amicable. Hamrick sends his best wishes to both his former coworkers and Bungie’s legion of fans (particularly members of its official fan club, the 7th Column), and implies that his reasons for leaving Bungie were personal: Hamrick says he’s excited for both “new challenges” as well living closer to his family (Bungie is in Washington state, while Bethesda is located in Maryland).

Hamrick worked at Bungie for about six years; previously, he was employed at Midway Austin, where he worked on BlackSite: Area 51. At Bungie, Hamrick worked on Halo: Reach and Destiny. Hamrick regularly appeared in interviews, videos, and podcasts (he’s commonly known as “Mr. Space Magic,” thanks to a video from E3 2013), and was a feared competitor in Bungie’s Weekend Champion tournaments, during which Bungie developers competed against one another in Destiny’s early multiplayer.

Josh Hamrick Weekend Champion

Hamrick didn’t say anything about his next project, but it will likely involve either the Fallout or Elder Scrolls franchises. Bethesda is split into two groups: Bethesda Game Studios, which spearheads those two series, and Bethesda SoftWorks, which creates games based on licensed properties, as well as the most recent installments of classic franchises like Doom and Wolfenstein. Both studios have their own Twitter accounts, and Hamrick calls out the former specifically in his announcement. Yes, that could be a typo, but it would be an awfully big one.

Given Hamrick’s experience, a move to Fallout or the next Elder Scrolls game makes a lot of sense. With Destiny, Bungie tried to fuse first-person shooting with open-world sandbox mechanics. While some critics argue that Destiny’s fusion of these two styles isn’t completely successful, the game has clearly caught on with gamers. With Destiny under his belt, as well as work as a Sandbox Designer on Halo: Reach, open-world gameplay is clearly Hamrick’s strong suit, and it’ll be exciting to see how he’ll be able to leverage Bethesda’s decades of experience in that area.

Source: Josh Hamrick

Original author: Christopher Gates
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HTC Valve Vive Free Headset
Valve Giving Developers Free VR Headset

The battle for virtual reality supremacy is really hotting up, with more and more challengers entering the fray. After the Facebook-owned Oculus Rift and Sony’s own Project Morpheus both took initial strides into the world of commercially-viable VR, two more major players revealed themselves. Valve announced the Vive this month, in partnership with smartphone manufacturer HTC, whilst Microsoft’s HoloLens will attempt to hybridize augmented reality and VR.

In order to succeed, each of the companies will have to offer something to entice would-be customers. Oculus has promised that the Facebook takeover will allow a substantially lower price point for the consumer model of the Rift, with recent suggestions of a price of $200-$400, whilst the Morpheus will aim to impress with 120 FPS. Valve, however, will take an entirely different strategy, as the Half Life creator has just revealed that developers can apply to be given free copies of the Vive.

In a move that was revealed by Ars Technica, Valve is going to gift those looking to create virtual reality content with a free developer’s edition of the Vive headset. Developers may be able to sign up as early as next week, with Valve giving a disclaimer that studios will need to be “qualified” for a successful application. The company is going to open its doors to developers both “big and small,” and applications will open up via a new website.

Vive Price

Valve has apparently already agreed to gift a number of studios with the Vive. Amongst the lucky few is Bossa Studios, the creators of Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread. Valve’s spokesperson, Doug Lombardi, seems to suggest that free developer editions of the Vive will not always be available, but that the kits “will be free, at least initially.”

The decision to gift copies of the Vive to developers may work in Valve’s favor for a number of reasons. By gifting copies of the Vive to developers of its choosing, Valve will be hoping to curate a number of loyal developers with impressive content for the headset’s release. Valve will also now be able to control the supply of Vive kits within the general public. Oculus sold Rift dev kits for $350, but some early adopters of VR technology also picked up the non-consumer copies of the device.

Valve’s strategy is very different from its virtual reality competitors. Although Sony has not been as open with kits as Oculus, the tech giant has yet to adopt a free distribution policy, in spite of the Morpheus team’s attempts to attract independent developers to the device. Valve does need to take different steps, however, as HTC has revealed that the Vive looks set to be more expensive than its rivals. If the promised “premium experience” is to arrive, well-developed content will be key, and this move will be essential to that aim.

Source: Ars Technica

Original author: Rob Gordon
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Erron Black Sandbomb
‘Mortal Kombat X’ Adds Gunslinger Erron Black to the Roster

At some point soon, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and NetherRealm are going to have to run out of fighters to reveal for Mortal Kombat X, right? We’re just a little over two weeks away from the launch of the upcoming fight title and the final roster is still a mystery. Franchise veteran Liu Kang officially joined the roster yesterday and a tweet from Ed Boon hinted that there were at least two more reveals to come before launch. After the latest livestream, it looks like fans can scratch another mystery fighter off the list.

Unlike Liu Kang, the fighter revealed during the livestream is brand-new to the games. Erron Black is a western-inspired gunslinger who has appeared in the Mortal Kombat X prequel comics, but has yet to be a playable character in any of the games. The reveal trailer for the character shows that his holsters are for more than just show and this character will be a great choice for players who prefer to keep their distance and win with ranged attacks.

The announcement confirms speculation about Black’s appearance in the game that was making the rounds when the character showed up in an unofficial leaked screen shot earlier this month. Like all the fighters in this version, Black will have varying specializations to suit different player styles. Despite his obvious love of guns, there is an option for players who prefer to get up close and personal while brawling.

Black’s three variants are Marksman, Outlaw, and Gunslinger. Most of the action in the reveal trailer is from the Gunslinger variant, where Black caries two pistols and attacks with deadly speed. The Marksman option slows things down a bit, by dealing damage with a rifle that the fighter carries around on his back. The melee variant, Outlaw, puts a sword in Black’s hands instead of a firearm.

We don’t know a lot about Black’s story yet, but we do know that he is a former mercenary from Earthrealm who eventually ends up in Outworld serving under Kotal Kahn. Black looks, sounds, and acts like a mix between Clint Eastwood and Stephen King’s Gunslinger, so fans are undoubtedly looking forward to learning more about his backstory and place in the MK universe.

The trailer gives a sneak peek at one of Black’s Fatalities, confirming that just because he’s using guns, doesn’t mean he can’t do some seriously precise and graphic damage. His bullets ricochet from bone to bone through the opponent’s body and then he fills their wounds with what appears to be sand. Things escalate from there, but fans should definitely check it out for themselves.

What do you think of Erron Black’s fighting style? Do you have any prediction for the last mystery fighter? Let us know in the comments.

Mortal Kombat X releases April 14, 2015 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. A PS3 and Xbox 360 release will follow in the summer.

Follow Denny Connolly on Twitter @the_dfc
Original author: Denny Connolly
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Mortal Kombat Easy Fatalities
‘Mortal Kombat X’ Features Easy Fatalities

One of the most iconic parts of Mortal Kombat is the franchise’s vicious finishing moves, with ultra-violent fatalities shocking audiences for decades – for better or worse. Developer NetherRealm Studios has promised that Mortal Kombat X will include some of the most over-the-top fatalities of the series, and the developer has already released footage of Scorpion and Quan Chi’s gruesome finishers. The videos whetted the appetites of fans, ready to recreate the fatalities in-game.

Players may find these fatalities a little easier to perform than in previous Mortal Kombat titles, however, as it has been revealed that there will be “easy fatalities” available in Mortal Kombat X. The news was announced by Tyler Landsdown, a community specialist at NetherRealm Studios, during a Mortal Kombat X live streaming session. According to Landsdown, there will be about three easy fatalities at launch, but more can be unlocked by playing the game.

The easy fatalities are there for players who are unable to complete the combinations to pull off a regular fatality in-game, such as those unable to adapt to the timing required. This move will not affect the regular fatalities, however, which will still be available for those adept at Mortal Kombat’s gameplay. The easy fatalities are instead a welcome option for casual players who would like to partake in the theatrical side of the series.

Mortal Kombat Easy Fatalities 2

It’s an interesting move from NetherRealm, opening up one of the most well-known parts of the franchise to fans less familiar with the intricacies of the controls. Easy fatalities are nothing new to the series, either. Mortal Kombat 3 had a cheat where one-button fatalities could be added, whilst Mortal Kombat 9’s fatalities were easier to complete than in previous iterations. One flaw could be that the fatalities lose their lustre with repeated use: if every fight ends with a fatality, will those finishers still feel as special with repeated watches?

All in all, it’s another decision from NetherRealm to help bring variety to the title. Whilst Mortal Kombat 9 returned to the franchise’s roots, The upcoming X seems to be taking tentative steps towards other aspects of what made Mortal Kombat so well-loved. The Test Your Luck mode is returning, alongside a player-defined Kustom Kombat mode, and there will be over 100 brutalities for players to contend with.

It’s very hard not to be excited about Mortal Kombat X, particularly given the playable characters that have been revealed so far. A number of fan favourites are returning to battle, with Liu Kang announced this week. NetherRealm Studios has also revealed a pair of incredibly exciting DLC characters in Jason Voorhees and Predator. All in all, Mortal Kombat X is shaping up to be fearsome.

Mortal Kombat X will be released on April 14 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, with a PS3 and Xbox 360 release scheduled for the summer.

Source: IGN

Original author: Rob Gordon
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The Legend of Zelda Wii U Gameplay Footage
‘The Legend of Zelda’ Wii U Delayed Until 2016

There’s no questioning the string of quality titles that have arrived on the Wii U as of late. With Super Smash Bros. still managing to keep fans at bay, as well as the brand new Splatoon on the horizon, consumers have had enough on the table to keep them dusting off their console. Still, there’s a strong demand for a new entry in one franchise in particular, and that series is none other than The Legend of Zelda.

Gamers were reassured that the hotly anticipated installment would be arriving by the end of 2015 during The Game Awards, however, Nintendo has now announced that The Legend of Zelda for Wii U will not be arriving this year.

The producer of The Legend of Zelda franchise, Eiji Aonuma, clarified the news in the form of a video recently posted on Facebook. According to Aonuma, the reasoning for the delay is to allow the developers currently working on the title time to crank out the best possible end product, as well as pursue developmental ideas that will hopefully make the end product better.

“Since I declared at The Game Awards in December that the game would launch in 2015, the directors and the many members of the development team have been working hard developing the game to make it the best it can be.”

The Legend of Zelda Wii U Delayed 2016

It’s hard to say what spawned the producer’s change of heart in terms of sticking to a deadline, but Aonuma made it official that the priority for the forthcoming Zelda title is no longer to launch the software this year.

“So, I must apologize to you all that were expecting the game by year’s end, but we are no longer making a 2015 release our number one priority. Instead, our priority is to make it the most complete and ultimate Zelda game.”

Fans will likely be distraught over the news that a new game starring the green-suited hero Link won’t be arriving in 2015, but it’s reassuring to know that those working on the game want to ensure that the title is the best it possibly can be. With hints that suggest that the return of Majora’s Mask-esque masks are imminent, this delay could mean big things for a game that many have been anticipating since the Wii U was first announced.

Fortunately, fans still have several titles, including a brand new Star Fox, to keep them entertained in the meantime. That said, stay tuned to Game Rant for more updates on when The Legend of Zelda for Wii U will be hitting store shelves.

Were you looking forward to The Legend of Zelda arriving on Wii U this year? What do you think of the game’s delay?

Source: Facebook

Original author: Riley Little
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Bloodborne Progression Bug
‘Bloodborne Bug’ Halts Player Progression, Fix Inbound

Since its release earlier this week, Bloodborne has been a major conversation piece among hardcore gamers. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise considering the game is developed by Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls studio From Software, who are well known for making extremely difficult, community-driven experiences.

Thanks to that active Bloodborne community, Sony and From Software have been able to suss out gameplay problems more quickly than they might have other wise. For example, the forums and threads helped uncover a progression bug in Bloodborne, and From Software has already begun working on a fix.

The bug in question triggers during the Forbidden Woods section of the game and apparently stems from multiplayer. If players try to bring in another player or invade another player’s game, they will apparently lose access to an important item called the Lunarium Key. So, for the time being, From Software advises players not to use their Sinister Resonant Bell (for invading) or Small Resonant Bell (for co-op) while in the Forbidden Woods area.

Thus far, it sounds as though the bug has only affected a small group of players, but anything that halts player progress is surely disappointing. It’s even more so because Bloodborne, like any Souls game, is an experience predicated on player exploration and discovery, so many players might not even realize that they aren’t seeing the item.

Bloodborne Screen - Field Area

Sony says that the Bloodborne progression bug patch should hit some time next week, but they were quick to clarify that this update will not fix other pre-existing problems. For example, a fix for the lengthy Bloodborne load times is still making its way through development and will therefore not be available at the same time.

Outside of those occasional issues, however, Bloodborne has been getting rave reviews across the board from both critics and gamers. Obviously, the game’s steep difficulty curve is going to be an instant turn off for some, but we’d argue that the game is more approachable than the Souls games. That doesn’t necessarily mean it is easier, but overcoming those obstacles certainly seems more feasible from our perspective.

Make to read our first impressions post and watch our Let’s Play video for a closer look at Bloodborne and a detailed breakdown of its mechanics.

Have you encountered this bug in Bloodborne? Have you noticed any other major problems with the game?

Bloodborne is available now for PS4.

Original author: Anthony Taormina
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Evolve - DLC Characters details
‘Evolve': Details on the Behemoth Monster & New Hunters

Turtle Rock Studios’ “asymmetrical first-person shooter” Evolve hit shelves in February, giving players the chance to face off in a battle between massive alien beasts and heavily armed hunters. The game launched with three monsters and a dozen hunters, but the lineup is about to expand with the release of a first wave of new DLC characters.

Evolve’s first major update goes live on March 31, adding the Behemoth monster and four hunters: Torvald (assault), Crow (trapper), Sunny (support), and Slim (medic). While the new additions fit into the pre-established roles, they each bring their own unique skills and style to the table. IGN got to playtest the new characters and has provided some further details that should help players decide if the DLC characters are worth the investment.

The monstrous Behemoth is the new monster in the pack, joining the Kraken, Goliath, and Wraith, and bringing Evolve‘s lineup of playable beasts to four. As the name implies, the Behemoth is big — massive, heavily armored, and capable of rolling up into a ball and careening around the map. IGN’s write-up suggests there’s more strategy to playing the Behemoth than players might expect. The Behemoth’s rock wall ability does what it sounds like: it creates an indestructible wall the Behemoth can use to block off passages or split up the hunters, making them easier to pick off or escape from.

Similarly, the fire bomb is an AOE effect that sets a swath of ground ablaze for 15 seconds. Behemoth also has a tongue lash that can drag one hunter in close for the kill. Divide and conquer could be the rule of the day for a skilled Behemoth player.

Evolve DLC - Behemoth

The first of the new DLC hunters is Torvald, an assault specialist. He comes packing an automatic shotgun that fires its entire clip in one burst, which should make him brutal up close. His shrapnel grenade can open up weak spots in the monster’s armor, and his mortar cannon can launch four shells up and over cover. Those latter two skills should be particularly handy up against the armored Behemoth. His mortar cannon can also be used more frequently than Hank’s similarly powerful orbital strike. Check out a match using Torvald below.

Crow, the new trapper character, brings a pet to the table. While Maggie has her ferocious dogbeast Daisy to sniff out the monsters, Crow sticks with the aerial associations of his name and sports a pet “batray” named Gobi that can take to the air and track the monster. Gobi has a range of 200 meters in any direction, and once the monster has been spotted, Crow can slow it with his stasis cannon.

Both his stasis cannon and kinetic long rifle have dual functions, allowing players to fire a quick shot or charge things up for a more powerful version — slowing the monster longer or doing more damage, respectively. The charged shot on the rifle also cuts straight through the monsters’ armor and damages the beast’s health pool, which doesn’t regenerate without a buff. Crow’s rifle should be a lethal combination with Torvald’s shrapnel grenades.

Nothing says “support” like a mini-nuke grenade launcher, and that’s exactly what support character Sunny has in her arsenal. Like most grenades, however, they have a slight delay rather than detonating on impact, so players will have to keep that in mind lest they waste the considerable punch of her nuke-thrower. She can also set up a shield drone that will protect one area, but her most interesting ability may be her jetpack booster, which she can attach to one hunter and use to zip them toward or away from the monster, depending on the situation. Bonus points if the player in control of Sunny launches another hunter at the monster while screaming the name of Leeroy Jenkins.

Evolve DLC - Sunny

Slim the medic can launch a healing drone to patch up another player over time, but the effect can be interrupted if the hunter takes damage in the process. As far as weaponry goes, he’s got a Leach Gun that both drains strength from the monster and powers up his AOE heal burst ability. Finally, he can make the monster’s life much more difficult with his spore cloud, which negates the monster’s ability to smell within a 40-meter radius, as well as preventing the creature from seeing the hunters’ health bars.

Evolve‘s reliance on DLC is still likely to irk some, but this first batch of downloadable characters bring enough new skills to the table that players should have plenty to experiment with during the month of April. All four new hunters and the Behemoth will be available for purchase separately, or the full set will be available as part of the Evolve Hunting Season Pass.

Evolve is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: IGN

Original author: David Wharton
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Grand Theft Auto 5 PC Screenshots
‘Grand Theft Auto 5′ PC Screenshots Arrive Ahead of New Trailer

Despite having originally released over a year and a half ago, Grand Theft Auto 5 continues to make waves among gamers, while also regularly topping sales charts. Much of that is due to the game’s re-release on PS4 and Xbox One this past fall, and the impending PC release in just a couple weeks.

We’re sure PC gamers are relieved to finally have access to arguably the biggest game release in the last two years. Having waited patiently, PC gamers will finally have a chance to cruise the streets of Lost Santos with Michael, Franklin and Trevor. And thanks to some new screenshots from the PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5, it looks like those cruises are sure to be visually satisfying. A new PC release trailer is also expected soon, which will show off more of the game’s beauty on PC.

Below are some impressive screenshots that are sure to generate a few drools. It might even be enough to make some console gamers trade in their machine for a PC.

It’s important to recognize, though, that these screenshots were most definitely captured from a high-end PC and not the average rig. That doesn’t make them any less impressive, though.

PC gamers are definitely in for a visual treat with this game, at least as long as it works properly at launch. While Rockstar doesn’t have the worst track record, they have run into a few snags, like the issues experienced with the launch of GTA Online Heists on consoles.

For those PC gamers excited to jump into San Andreas and (finally) get to play Grand Theft Auto 5, we highly recommend pre-ordering. Rockstar Games is offering a generous bonus for PC gamers who pre-order the digital download, as a way to compensate for the late arrival. PC pre-orders will come with $500,000 in-game money for use in the campaign, and $1 million in in-game money for GTA Online. In order to take advantage of this deal, gamers will have to pre-order by March 31.

We’ll note that GTA Online Heists are expected to be available at release, so PC gamers will be able to participate once they reach level 12 and purchase a high-rise apartment (if they’re planning to host the heists). That extra $1 million from pre-ordering could be very beneficial as players get ready for the heists.

What do you think about the screenshots? Are you planning to pick up Grand Theft Auto 5 for PC? Let us know in the comments.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is set to release for PC on April 14, 2015. It’s currently available for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Source: Rockstar Games

Original author: Boston Blake
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Hopper Version 3 was released today.  The old Hopper will be discontinued March 8th 2013.  You must upgrade as it will no longer function.

Here are some of the new fetures in Hopper 3:

  • Full Family Bucket Support
  • Performance increase for FireFox users
  • Less memory on all versions
  • Stability improvements, Hopper keeps on going
  • https support
  • New GUI
  • Better logging
  • Ability to run our Beta Hopper on demand