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Family Name Red Tag Description Members COM_FABRIK_ORDERCreated
Pit Bull Mafia {ҎÌƬ} we are recruiting active players, inactive members get the boot. 40 2015-10-06
Godfathers and Gangsters [PimP] We are a battle family! 20k to join us, looking for 1 hr battles,please accept 1-3 hrs after we send or dont bother,ty. 47 2015-10-06
[ƬկЄ] THE FOUR ELEMENTS [ƬկЄ] Welcome to the Four Elements! T H E German Fight Clan! 20 2015-10-05
The Mafia War Dogs (MWD) MWD 98 2015-10-05
%u2620MENACE%u2620 ☠MENACE☠ RECRUITING FORM: http://tinyurl.com/39893fe\n\nWAR PAGE: http://tinyurl.com/MenaceWar 39 2015-10-05
Loyalty and Warriors [LAW] LAW has always set the tone for respect, fair play, support for its members and a passion for the game! 79 2015-10-05
Psychological No pressure just wholesome fun with some with psychological problems.. 20 2015-10-05
ŦAιЯקℓA¥ ŦAιЯקℓA¥ Play it fair... Play it hard...Play it with the Rock \'n Rolla\'s of MW !! 64 2015-10-05
Tantric ≡ ♅ ≡ We are a social group that loves to have fun and fight with no drama... 23 2015-10-05
[ReW] United [ReW] [ReW] is a bunch of mischievous misfits that love to play, fight, & have fun! 69 2015-10-05
Gods fighting Back ‎{ĢƒB} Gods fight Back! Thinking of joining us? 50K Attack, 50K Defense, 80K Health, 30K Stamina for Red Tag. http://bit.ly/GfB-RecruitmentForm Please visit our war page for drive-bys or contact an admin for battles http://bit.ly/GfB-wp 40 2015-10-05
║ILLYRIAN║ ILLYRIAN We have candy :D 61 2015-10-05
Ψ L¥CAήS Ψ ΨL¥CAήSΨ Thank you for your interest in Lycans... Please go to this page, read the instructions and request to join. Thank you! http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_98316624537 All requests will be ignored until application is met. 40 2015-10-05
ƁLǺZ€ϟ-Ṅ-ḞĨṜ€ [ϟ] Welcome to the family! Customize your message to new members 51 2015-10-05
Death By Numbers ELITE [₹] \"the difference between try and triumph is that little umph\" 54 2015-10-05
South Side Slayers _SSS_ We are a Fighting and Battling Family\ncurrently looking for motivated fighters and daily players must be a daily player this is a must \n\nif you do a drivebye make sure every one is on the bus when you leave and leave a card 29 2015-10-05
Wicked Slayers ‡₩§‡ Everyone wants some We need some too 24 2015-10-05
{Azzh(o)le}'s II {AZZ} Group of friends who have been playing together for eons, we stick together like glue thru thick and thin. Relentless attackers, don\'t test us. 67 2015-10-05
TEAMSTER\'S GFΞLLΛ ŦӘΛMSŦӘЯ\'S is an Multi-National Fun & Loyal Family,Strong core group of players, Level 10 Family Status! - 50k (min) combined Attack & Defense - 30k (min.) Health - 15k Stam (min) - Fighters Welcome - No Drama 20 2015-10-04
Badger's Beer Friends (@ )( @) Just having some fun with friends. Icing, Jobbing, and Gifting. Looking for a few fighters! 60 2015-10-04