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More Assassins Creed Chronicles Planned
Ubisoft Planning More ‘Assassin’s Creed Chronicles’ with Familiar Faces

Although there was a gap between the first and second games, since then the Assassin’s Creed franchise has turned into an annual event. In some cases, in fact, the franchise has extended beyond the annual schedule to include several titles within a single calendar year. Take Assassin’s Creed Unity and Assassin’s Creed Rogue, for example; both highly anticipated titles are not just releasing within the same year, they are also releasing on the same day.

That’s all to say that Assassin’s Creed is clearly not letting up anytime soon. Rather, Ubisoft wants to keep the brand going for as long as they can, and in as many iterations as they can. That includes the recently unveiled Assassin’s Creed: Chronicles spin-off, which we have now learned will include iterations beyond the announced Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China.

According to AC Unity Creative Director Alex Amancio, Ubisoft has plans for more Chronicles titles that would extend beyond China. Moreover, those plans include adapting the side scroller’s art style to its setting. For example, AC Chronicles: China features a design reminiscent of calligraphy.

“We really liked the side-scrolling idea, like Mark of the Ninja, and we thought it would be a really great way to explore some of the other universes we’ve created. One thing that’s really cool is that every one of the chapters of this game will be in the art style representative of that era in time. This is why Shao Jun’s game is like Chinese ink – very black and red.”

Assassin's Creed Chronicles China - Forbidden City

Unfortunately, Amancio was not willing to provide any more info regarding future Chronicles games, but he does suggest these spin-offs could bring back fan-favorite characters. Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China‘s protagonist, for example, is Shao Jun, who was also featured in the novelization for AC: Revelations and the Assassin’s Creed: Embers animated film.

“I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but the idea is that we have this rich universe – we’re going to use it.”

So while franchise fatigue might be setting in for Assassin’s Creed proper, this spin-off series has the potential to try some new things within that universe. Yes, there will still be nods to past heroes, but the art style can adapt to the setting. Whether or not future Chronicles games will be add-ons for mainline games or standalone downloadable titles is still not clear, but the prospect is exciting nonetheless. Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China is available with either the AC Unity Season Pass, or as a standalone download.

What other settings and art styles would you like to see in future Assassin’s Creed Chronicles games? Do you like the idea of a sidescrolling AC title?

Assassin’s Creed Unity is out November 11, 2014 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


Source: Eurogamer

Original author: Anthony Taormina
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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Dedicated Servers
‘Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’ Will Support Dedicated Servers

As we near the release of the latest Call of Duty, this one subtitled Advanced Warfare, there isn’t much left for developer Sledgehammer Games to cover. In fact, they’ve already released the launch trailer for COD: AW some two weeks before the game actually hits store shelves.

One detail that Sledgehammer had yet to speak on, however, was dedicated servers and whether or not Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will support them. On PC, the series has supported dedicated servers for the past few entries, but console gamers had only just discovered the benefits with last year’s COD: Ghosts.

Sledgehammer today confirmed that Advanced Warfare will support dedicated servers, but they wouldn’t say much more than that. Thankfully, the developer promises that more details are on the way, specifically with regards to providers and platforms.

 “We’ve got some announcements coming. Yes, we will be supporting dedicated servers and there will be announcements soon on which providers and platforms. I can’t answer just yet, but you can let your community know that it’s coming.”

Although PC gamers have known the benefits of dedicated servers for years – decades even – the console gamer has not been as lucky. Sure, there have been console releases that do support dedicated servers, and most use that as a selling point, but it’s still not an expectation.

For Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare players, the dedicated servers will mean no host advantages, which is huge for a multiplayer-focused game like this. Moreover, with Advanced Warfare adding new future tech into the mix, players will want as smooth of an experience as possible. Split seconds have always been important in the series, but when players can boost jump, slide, and dodge they will be crucial.

On top of that, there are apparently more Call of Duty: AW announcements in the pipeline. After Activision released the launch trailer we figured that was it for COD promotion and news, but that’s apparently not the case. Actually, who are we kidding? Call of Duty news is only going to come faster and furious-er now that the game is only two weeks out from release. Highlights for this year’s game include a new story set in the near, but believable future, a revamped look for the multiplayer, and a co-op mode.

Are you happy to hear Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will support dedicated servers in some capacity? Did you notice the difference with last year’s game?

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare releases November 4, 2014 for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.


Source: VG 24/7

Follow Anthony on Twitter @ANTaormina

Original author: Anthony Taormina
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Background settings on Xbox One
Xbox One November Update Adds Custom Backgrounds, New Trending Feature

Coming off the release of the Xbox One October update several days ago, Microsoft has taken to detailing next month’s update, which is currently rolling out to select members that have opted into the Xbox One preview program.

Similar to last month’s update, the November update will also add a host of new updates and features, with the most notable coming in the form of custom backgrounds. You may recall that Xbox boss Phil Spencer announced the highly-requested feature last week, though neglected to offer details on a release window. Turns out, those that aren’t part of the preview program will only have to hold out until sometime next month.

Custom backgrounds will be available to all accounts on an Xbox One system, and users can choose a custom color or “achievement art” as the background. Location and a brief bio can now be added to the Gamer Profile, as well as several showcase items that others can see upon viewing other players’ profiles. Now, while the customization options may sound a bit lacking, there’s no need to worry. Microsoft reassures that more such options are set to come later. Perhaps they’ll even be implemented before the November update releases for everyone.

The update will also introduce a new trending feature to Xbox Live –complete with a new OneGuide tab– that aims to help people discover new shows. Based on what the rest of the Xbox Live community is watching, the top 20 most-watched TV shows will be sorted through and filtered down using the user’s own OneGuide settings. The aforementioned new tab displays the Live TV shows trending at that moment, based on the amount of Tweets made discussing it, and the amount of Xbox One users currently tuned in.

This is on a country-by-country basis, of course, so if, say, Dr. Who is trending in the U.K., you probably won’t see it if you live in North America. Additionally, if you’re a big Twitter junkie, you’ll be able to see all the Tweets regarding whatever Live TV show in real-time using the MiniGuide.

Also, since preview members get the first crack at the update, the total number of tweets and Xbox Live users may seem lower than usual. That said, there’s no telling just how many people managed to get into the preview program, but expect more and more people to try to get in now, thanks to Microsoft now enabling people to earn points for taking part and offering feedback.

The update even adds a full-on leaderboard that shows how you measure up against your friends that are also in the program because, apparently, making the Xbox One a better system by testing upcoming features wasn’t enough of an incentive.

Xbox One's Live TV on Xbox

There’s more packed into the November update, believe it or not. Navigating through the store has been sped up, allowing for faster searching, and store categories have been simplified to show the top items and possibly influence your purchasing decisions. SmartGlass, meanwhile, can now show you what games your friends are playing, though its most interesting addition has to be the Xbox Live Gold member exclusive ability to browse through the Games with Gold list. A new Apps section and being able to download apps to the Xbox One from wherever you are to be is a close second, though.

Finally, Internet Explorer gets some attention this time around as well. From the address bar, the browser can now be moved into snap mode, and it will also show a number when something new is added to the Featured Sites pages. Sites that were recently added will display a badge until viewed, or after a week has passed. If you needed more of a reason to check the same sites over and over, getting rid of those silent notifications seems like a decent enough reason.

At this point, it’s pretty clear that Microsoft wants to keep the momentum going when it comes to issuing new updates and proving they listen to community feedback. The more interesting part is just how fast the turnaround time was between announcing custom backgrounds, and letting people try it for themselves. Screenshots support wasn’t mentioned today, but expect to hear more about that as we move closer and closer to the update’s public debut.

For those of us that aren’t in the preview program, at least we have the above video to see what’s what.

Source: Major Nelson

Original author: Kyree Leary
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Destiny Mercury Planet Trailer
Here are Some Things Cut from ‘Destiny’ in the Last Year

Although we have already detailed at length how Destiny‘s initial promise and finished product didn’t fully align, that isn’t stopping gamers from trying to uncover just what happened with Bungie‘s latest game. Some do it because they hoped the game would be better, while others find the story of a game changing its identity one year out from release fascinating.

Whatever the case, a new Destiny investigation has popped up that tries to make sense of the game’s changes. Specifically, this YouTuber uncovers some surprising evidence that further suggests Bungie made some last minute changes to their game.

In the video above, coreRoss pores over the early Destiny marketing material, highlighting details that were part of Bungie’s initial pitch but are not in the final game. For example, coreRoss discovers that Bungie’s initial plan with weapons didn’t require farming materials and it wasn’t bound by a level restriction.

Other interesting tidbits from the video include a proposed progression of planets in the story, which may have been Earth, Venus, Mars, and then the Moon. This is obviously not the progression in Destiny‘s retail product, but a beta tester for the game also claimed that the Moon was the final area at one point in development.

There are also some shots from early trailers that reveal Mercury as an in-game area. It’s possible that Mercury is part of an upcoming DLC expansion, but at one point in time Destiny was touting the planet as part of the core experience, and not just an area for The Crucible.

The video is an interesting look at how the marketing evolved over time, but for those who might want to watch a 17-minute video here’s a solid overview of its content:

These are my main highlights but more in the video.

Out Here in the Wild – Official Destiny ViDoc

22 Aug 2013 – 1 year before release

0:38 “You can go from Earth to Venus to Mars to the Moon, to Saturn”

2:01 Thunder Lord. Talents points needed, different description and unlocks

4:13 Mercury is shown

Official Destiny Gameplay Reveal Video

3 Jul 2013 – 1 year before release

7:16 Weapons have no level requirement, only weapon levels. A weapon you get at level 1 is just as effective as a weapon at level 20. This means every weapon is a viable option. Meaning you can use any gun you prefer. Giving you a huge selection. Also this means you can receive amazing weapons even exotics throughout your playthrough from start to finish even on low levels, its a smart way to do loot.

7:15 Thunderlord. Glimmer, Weapon Kit and Talent Point needed for upgrade. No upgrade materials. Maybe get talent points for using the weapon? Much more interesting upgrades.

11:22 Talking to speaker. Different layout on the Tower, we see a different area behind the characters.

11:31 Queens brother asks, “Why is the city breathing down my neck”, located on earth. Different voice actor? Seems like a different character too.

11:44 A view of Saturn’s Rings rendered in game.

11:46 A ship with Dead Orbit logo.

Official Destiny E3 Gameplay Trailer 0:15 Larger view of tower, different layout. Tower has armed guards.

1:53 Saturn rendered in game (looks beautiful)

2:14 Mercury

Destiny PlayStation 4 Official Announcement

20 Feb 2013 More than a year

1:11 Strike boss fight, room layout is different.

1:24 The Reef playable area. Fallen (guard) to the left, but player’s do not have guns. Not under threat, a vender area similar to the Tower? Area is well polished, looks beautiful (will appear in DLC?)

Reveal Trailer – Official Destiny ViDoc: Pathways Out of Darkness

17 Feb 2013 – More than a year before release

0:59 Mobile App, New Chapter on Venus: Story

Book 1, Chapter 3

Gain Favor with the Queen

Venus, Shores of Time

“Help the Crow loot the Academy archive”


Each with chapters?

The Crow character was first mentioned in a Reddit post detailing an alternative story that was dropped. A new story was created.

1:19 Main Menu

-The City as Home location

-Chapter 3 Shores of Time

-Bounty with a One Week Cooldown

-Strike Random playlist

-Raid is Depth of Darkness, similar in name to the DLC name The Dark Below

-Faction Wars, PvP

3:11 Different tower layout, armed guards

3:24 The Reef, created in game. Fallen guard patrolling (a well polished area, more than a year before the games release)

3:42 Lush forest, unknown location. Player visible lower left (this area is not as polished)

Ultimately, we may never know what happened between Destiny‘s public unveiling in 2013 and its release in September of this year. Something clearly changed between then and now, but whether that was always part of Bungie’s plan, or if some last minute changes forced them is hard to discern.

Personally, the game as it stands now feels like whole portions were gutted, and a ton of padding was put in its place. Using light to level up, requiring ascendant materials for gaining said light, and limiting specific portions of the game to once-a-week – it all seems designed to stretch things out.

Perhaps when the first DLC, The Dark Below, hits in December we will have a better idea as to Bungie’s bigger plans. We know that the expansion includes new Strikes and a new Raid, as well as some new gear, but if it only adds back to the repetition that would be disappointing.

Were there any elements of Destiny that you were surprised to see not in the finished game? What do you think changed during development?


Source: coreRoss

Original author: Anthony Taormina
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Dragon Age Inquisition Followers Trailer
‘Dragon Age Inquisition’ Trailer Details The Player’s Followers

As old school RPG fans around the world prepare to see what BioWare has in store with Dragon Age: Inquisition, and existing fans of the series look forward to once again saving the world of Thedas from total destruction, it seems the time has finally come to turn the spotlight to those surrounding the hero. After all, plenty of time has been spent asking players what kind of hero they will choose to become; it seems only right that the men and women ready to alongside them should be just as important.

As every fan of Dragon Age knows, it’s the story and characters that have become trademarks of the franchise (and the company as a whole), with the construction of friendships and development of romantic relationships seen as a core pillar of what makes ‘a BioWare game.’ In the newest trailer, it’s the followers of the Inquisitor – ranging in races, motivations, and personalities – who get a few new details. Little has been shown of them thus far, but players likely already have some of their favorites.

The easiest follower to spot for both friend and foe is unquestionably Bull (voiced by actor Freddie Prinze, Jr.). The trailer emphasizes that while players are able to select a Qunari protagonist for themselves (just another dimension added to Inquisition‘s character creation engine), they’ll have a hard time posing the same physical threat as Bull while in the midst of combat. And that’s a claim that all combat gameplay to this point has supported.

Aside from Bull, the non-human portion of the player’s party will also include the elven archer Sera; who aside from spunky and lethal is also a romantic option for exclusively female Inquisitors. Her wealth of confidence is also shared with Dorian, a child of privilege originating from the Tevinter Imperium, but parting ways with his upper-class family to pursue magic. As a charismatic charmer, Dorian was also the first gay party member to be included in a Dragon Age story (in the game’s terms, making him exclusively a romantic option for male Inquisitors).

Of course, sex isn’t really the point of these characters, with each blessed with their own motivations and goals. In fact, it’s likely that players will be more interested in their effectiveness on the battlefield. They’re just as varied in that regard, and players will have the opportunity to get to know them both in combat and out, while enjoying the relative calm of Skyhold, the customizable base of the player’s operations.

The party members look to be a varied bunch, marking new directions for the series in a number of ways. And with just as many options possible for the player’s own character, potential players may want to start brainstorming their ideal builds. Which class do you see yourself leaning towards? Have the effects and attacks shown in the trailer swayed you one way or another?

Dragon Age: Inquisition releases November 18, 2014 for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Follow Andrew on Twitter @andrew_dyce.

Original author: Andrew Dyce
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Destiny Hellmouth Jump Videos
‘Destiny’s Latest Challenge: Jumping the Hellmouth

After weeks spent trying to break into locked environments and find ways of exploiting the game’s systems, the latest sensation to take Destiny players by storm has a much more innocent origin. It seems once players stopped seeking out the hidden DLC locations on Earth’s Moon, their attention turned to the Hellmouth, with a single question on their minds: can it be jumped?

It may seem like an odd question for those not already versed in Bungie’s latest sci-fi shooter, but with the wealth of special abilities and gravity-defying tricks at their disposal, it couldn’t immediately be assumed to be out of the question. thankfully, players have now put the theory to the test (in an effort to discern the truth about yet another Destiny myth or urban legend).

Although the Hellmouth itself – the name given to the opening of a massive Hive base burrowed into the surface of the Moon – is depicted as impossibly large, the Hunter class’ ability to effectively fly or glide made them the most likely candidates.

And thanks to a boost from every Guardian’s trusty speeder, the first Hunters are making short work of the task – provided their timing is on point:

What makes the feat possible is the Arc Blade super ability, granted to those Hunter’s who reach Level 15 and select the Bladedancer subclass. Designed to slash the Guardian forward into their enemies, spamming the super ability makes crossing the Hellmouth possible. In fact, some players have shown that it’s even possible to cross the gap without a Sparrow or speeder at all.

But with the Hunters able to complete the task thanks to class-specific abilities, how do Titans fare when it comes to leaping across the Moon’s gaping maw? Well… about as poorly as one would expect:

For now, players are eagerly awaiting the chance to see if it’s possible for a Titan or Warlock to do what Hunters seem just capable of accomplishing. The odds seem stacked in their favor, but that being said, there was a time when some might have said beating the Vault of Glass with just two players seemed as unlikely. By that time, the community may have moved on, challenging players to cross the Hellmouth with only a certain number of Arc Blades, or without a speeder at all, or eliminating enemies before landing.

Perhaps somewhere out there, a Ghost is resurrecting the very Titan or Warlock capable of doing the impossible: jumping really, really far across a big hole in the Moon.

Follow me on Twitter @andrew_dyce.

Sources: SmileB4DEATH, Saqabi38,

Original author: Andrew Dyce
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John Wick Payday 2
Free ‘John Wick’ DLC Coming to ‘Payday 2′

Payday 2 heisters are well-aware that the first-person shooter/theft game likes to make references to other video game and film properties fairly often. Just a month ago, the marketing campaign for the game’s Gage Assault Pack adopted the trademark Battlefield aesthetic as a nod to the fellow Swedish game developer. This week, the latest DLC goes a step further and actually includes a Keanu Reeves character as a playable heister in the game.

Lionsgate and Thunder Road Pictures are teaming up with Starbreeze Studios and 505 Games to build hype for both Payday 2 and the upcoming action film, John Wick. A new free-to-play DLC pack for Payday 2 will incorporate elements and content from the upcoming Keanu Reeves film, including a playable version of the titular character.

For gamers out there who haven’t seen the trailers, John Wick is an action flick about a hitman (Reeves) coming out of retirement to get revenge on the gangsters who ruined his life. Sounds a bit trite, but the early reviews are actually very positive. Here’s a breakdown of what the crossover DLC offers Payday 2 players:

John Wick, a new playable character in PAYDAY 2 A new perk system called Hitman, which includes features such as Akimbo, the ability to dual wield weapons, a favorite of John Wick himself A new pistol with accompanying weapon modifications and a new knife melee weapon Three cool-looking sunglasses to customize and wear

John Wick Film

The crossover may sound a bit gimmicky at first, but the content being added to the game is the real deal. For a long time, Payday 2 players have only had four heisters to choose from: Dallas, new Hoxton, Chains, and Wolf. The addition of John Wick and next week’s addition of old Hoxton offer players some long-requested new crooks. A female character will also be added to the game at a later point and bring the total up to seven criminals.

In addition to the latest character, the new Hitman perk system will also offer some interesting changes to the game. The ability to dual wield will be a new feature and could open up some new strategies for pulling off heists that require a lot of fast crowd control. We look forward to seeing how the game’s hardcore fans utilize the new skill set.

If you still don’t own Payday 2, a free copy can be acquired by purchasing tickets to John Wick via Fandango. Although the crossover marketing has put a sour taste in the mouths of some fans on the Payday 2 message boards, the new content seems like it will offer some great additions to the highly successful and addictive multiplayer game. The DLC pack will be available tomorrow and we’ll find out how entertaining the crossover content is.

Are you annoyed by the crossover marketing or are you just excited to get some new, free content for Payday 2? Let us know in the comments.


Payday 2′s John Wick DLC releases on October 22 for Steam users.

Follow Denny on Twitter @The_DFC.

Original author: Denny Connolly
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DriveClub screenshot
Driveclub Still Facing Issues; Dynamic Weather Coming by End of Year

Initially touted as one of the PS4′s strongest exclusives and a game that was going to prove the console’s worth at launch, the actual release of DriveClub has been nothing short of a disaster. Releasing a year later than planned, the extra time Evolution Studios gave their team racer was rocked by “unexpected” issues at launch.

These unforeseen problems are mostly down to the game’s servers. Unable to be fixed by simply using more servers, it has required Evolution Studios to put together new server code just to get DriveClub to its current state; and even that leaves something to be desired.

With patches, diagnostics and constant server upgrades, it looked as though things were on the mend for one of the year’s most talked about and anticipated PS4 games. Sadly though, things have taken a slight step backwards and players are still being left in the dark about DriveClub‘s PlayStation Plus Edition.

Driveclub Stable After Two Weeks

In a post on the game’s official Facebook page, the DriveClub dev offered an update:

“We can see that the majority of you can now get online, but we know that at peak times of the day it can still be hard to get connected, so we are still working to improve connectivity with every update to the servers.

“We can also see that when you do get connected, some of you are having a hard time getting into multiplayer races and that posting leaderboard results can sometimes take a lot longer than you’d expect.”

While some will welcome the honesty (no matter how disappointing it is) Evolution’s words are a slight contradiction. In an earlier update on the status of DriveClub‘s improvements the developer explained that “If and when you get online, you should not have any connectivity issues during the remainder of your session” so if this was the case, one of their newer updates has clearly jeopardized that.

DriveClub Screenshot

The current builds of the server will also have to withstand the pressure of extra DriveClub features. According to official tweets, “Races will be updated 22/10 with more variety”  and private races with friends shall also be added and should offer a better online experience (for those who are able to connect). Meanwhile, the dev adds that weather effects (incl. rain and snow) should still make it into the game by the end of the year as previously promised.

With the developer planning to add so much to the game’s already wonky foundations it’s no wonder that the timeline for DriveClub‘s PlayStation Plus edition is still up in the air. In the latest fix update, Evolution offered the following:

“PS Plus Edition news will come as soon as we have concrete info – sorry to keep you all waiting.”

Players have been waiting for several weeks now so hopefully DriveClub‘s issues won’t persist for much longer.

Source: Facebook, Twitter (1), (2), (3)

Original author: Jasmine Henry
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Alien Isolation Survive Trailers
‘Alien: Isolation’ Prequel DLC: ‘Corporate Lockdown’; Season Pass Details

One of 2014′s most-anticipated titles (especially after many releases were bumped into 2015), Alien: Isolation received an overall mixed-to-positive reception from critics and gamers. As addressed in our Alien: Isolation review, SEGA and Creative Assembly have crafted a grueling experience – one that will please certain fans while frustrating others. Despite advanced A.I. in the Xenomorph antagonist, many players were letdown by the game’s over-reliance on cat-and-mouse gameplay (especially considering Alien: Isolation features a 15 hour campaign).

Still, to their credit, the developers have crafted a much better product than recent failures, Aliens: Colonial Marines as well as Aliens vs. Predator, and lovingly created a survival-horror sandbox that “feels” true to the franchise – while also offering a stiff challenge for dedicated gamers. For those hearty players who enjoyed the main story missions and are looking for further trials aboard Sevastopol Station, Creative Assembly is set to release five pieces of downloadable content. After months of speculation, we now have the first details on what to expect in the first of the post-release offerings – titled “Corporate Lockdown.”

In a press release SEGA revealed that “Corporate Lockdown” will follow Seegson executive Ransome – who, as the situation at Sevastopol deteriorates, decides to escape on the Torrens and steal Nostromo data.

Check out the full story below:

In “Corporate Lockdown,” Seegson executive Ransome has learnt that he has been abandoned by his paymasters. Knowing that the Torrens is on the way, he decides to make his escape and hitch a ride on board, taking decoded Nostromo data with him. However, while escaping he wants to tie up a few loose ends.

See full versions of the Corporate Lockdown images below (click to enlarge):

As indicated, “Corporate Lockdown” is the first of five pieces of DLC that Creative Assembly has prepared for Alien: Isolation owners but, even though we’ve known about the game’s Season Pass for months, it was never entirely clear how all of the post-release content would fit into the core storyline. Now, the new press release confirms what many had suspected – that the packs will all follow events on Sevastopol prior up to Amanda Ripley’s arrival:

Each challenge pack offers a new perspective on the events on-board Sevastopol Station in the days before the arrival of the Weyland-Yutani team, with a new playable character, a unique set of objectives and a new game mode.

“Corporate Lockdown” will be available to download via online marketplaces for available platforms from October 28, priced at MSRP $7.99/€6.99/£5.59 and will be followed by four more packs: “Trauma”, “Safe Haven”, “Lost Contact”, and “The Trigger.” Each will feature a new playable character alongside a mix of new maps, objectives and game modes to challenge even the most proficient player.

At this point, we do not know which characters will be featured in each of the subsequent four packs – which the publisher promises will all be released by March 2015. That said, early details suggest that Isolation‘s DLC will essentially feature challenge maps that have been stitched together with a relatively thin story. As a result, much like the larger title, Alien fans who were put-off by the stealth gameplay will likely have little reason for a return trip to Sevastopol (especially at $7.99 per pack) - whereas players who enjoyed Isolation‘s mechanics will be afforded further objectives to conquer.

Alien: Isolation - Close-up of Alien Creature

“Corporate Lockdown” alone features three new maps and an exclusive Gauntlet Mode:

Across three new challenge maps, “Severance”, “Scorched Earth”, and “Loose Ends”, players are challenged to compete against others through Alien: Isolation’s online leaderboards, to escape the station in the fastest possible time or attain the top score through numerous side quests and hidden bonus objectives. New to ‘Corporate Lockdown’ is the addition of Gauntlet Mode where players are challenged to top the Gauntlet Mode leaderboards by completing all three challenge maps back-to-back without dying.

Individuals who have already tinkered with Isolation‘s Survivor Mode should have a pretty clear idea of whether the DLC packs will offer enough content, relative to their high price points. For that reason, gamers would probably be smart to play through the entire campaign and explore included retail leaderboard challenge maps before committing to Isolation‘s season pass (which costs $29.99) or any standalone packs.

Of course, some Alien fans managed to fight their way through Isolation in spite of their frustration and were rewarded with an immersive and interesting addition to the franchise mythology – but, at this point, it does not sound as though Isolation‘s DLC offerings will provide enough meaningful backstory to incentivize any who were very put-off by the core game experience.

Alien Isolation artwork - Ripley

After all, anyone on the fence about more Alien: Isolation can always start with the “Crew Expendable” pack – which was free (but not exclusive) to those that pre-ordered the game. The add-on features the same challenge map-based gameplay but with the added bonus of revisiting Ellen Ripley and the rest of the Nostromo crew.

That said, this is all just speculation until the DLC is actually released. We’ll keep you updated as we hear more about “Corporate Lockdown” as well as “Trauma”, “Safe Haven”, “Lost Contact”, and “The Trigger.”

Alien: Isolation is available now for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. The “Corporate Lockdown” DLC will be release on October 28th for $7.99 (or as part of the game’s season pass).

Follow me on Twitter @benkendrick.

Original author: Ben Kendrick
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Hyrule Warriors Amiibo Support
‘Hyrule Warriors’ Receiving Amiibo Support

Nintendo has big plans for the later half of 2014. Aside from a handful of big game releases like Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, this Holiday season marks the company’s first foray in what it believes to be the highly profitable toys-to-life branch of video games with Amiibo.

Utilizing a roster of familiar faces that includes Mario, Donkey Kong, and Pikachu, this new business venture allows fans to collect real-world figures that will be able to interact with with a plethora of new and forthcoming Nintendo titles. The first game supporting this feature is none other than the aforementioned Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, but the Big N has major plans to implement the technology into many of its other games as well.

While Amiibo support for games like Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker and Mario Party 10 shouldn’t come as a surprise, the house of Mario will also be bringing support to older games. Mario Kart 8 is one such title that gamers will eventually be able to use with the scannable toys, and Nintendo has now just announced that Hyrule Warriors will be joining it at some point in the future.

#amiibo figure Link will be compatible with #HyruleWarriors. Stay tuned for more info.

Details are incredibly slim on how the likes of Link’s Amiibo will interact with The Legend of Zelda spin-off. All that’s known at this point is that the fabled ‘Hero of Legend’ will work with the game in some capacity, while Zelda’s newly announced Amiibo is still sans confirmation of compatibility.

It’s hard to even fathom how the toys will interact with Hyrule Warriors, but it’s easy to see why Nintendo would push for the game to support the initiative. The more pieces of software that are compatible with each individual figure, the more likely consumers will see the value in picking up these toys.

It’s still unknown if this add-on will arrive later this year, but that proposition isn’t farfetched. Since Super Smash Bros. is currently the only known title supporting Amiibo this year, adding Hyrule Warriors as a compatible piece of software gives consumers one more thing to do than just allow the figures to sit on their shelf.

More details on Hyrule Warriors‘ newly announced Amiibo compatibility should be arriving soon, so stay tuned to Game Rant for more details.


Hyrule Warriors is currently available exclusively on the Nintendo Wii U.

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Hopper Version 3 was released today.  The old Hopper will be discontinued March 8th 2013.  You must upgrade as it will no longer function.

Here are some of the new fetures in Hopper 3:

  • Full Family Bucket Support
  • Performance increase for FireFox users
  • Less memory on all versions
  • Stability improvements, Hopper keeps on going
  • https support
  • New GUI
  • Better logging
  • Ability to run our Beta Hopper on demand