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Game Rant Extra Life Header
Extra Life 2014: Game Rant Plays Games for 24 Hours Straight

For several years now (6 to be exact) gamers around the world have been participating in a 24-hour gaming marathon called Extra Life. Some of you may be familiar with the event, but for those who aren’t here’s a quick rundown.

Extra Life’s main goal is to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, which support Children’s Hospitals in the U.S. and Canada. But unlike most marathons, which typically involve jogging or walking, Extra Life features gaming as its central activity.

This year, Game Rant will be partaking in Extra Life as a trial run, of sorts. We aren’t carefully coordinating a schedule like some sites do, and we aren’t making any big bold promises either. We want to participate in what we think is a really worthy cause and we hope that you can support our efforts this Saturday, the 25th. We’re setting a perfectly attainable goal of $1000 (we’re already at $140) and we hope you can help us hit it.

So, what’s the plan? Well, starting Saturday at about Xam EST, various members of the Game Rant team will start streaming video games and will continue to do so for 24 hours straight, maybe even longer. Some individual Game Rant writers will be streaming solo on their own Twitch channels, while others will team up for some co-op shenanigans.

Since some will be popping in and out, the best way to keep up with our Extra Life 2014 happenings is to follow us on Twitter @GameRant and we will make sure to tweet out who’s doing what. Just in case, though, here are the Twitch channels and Twitter accounts for those Game Rant writers who will be streaming:

START TIME: 8:00AM EST October 25th | END TIME: 8:00AM EST October 26th

Game Rant Twitch Channel – | Twitter – @GameRant

Rob Keyes’ Twitch Channel – | Twitter – @rob_keyes

Anthony Taormina’s Twitch Channel – | Twitter – @ANTaormina

Andrew Dyce’s Twitch Channel – | Twitter – @andrew_dyce

And even though we don’t have a schedule we do have some big plans. Rob Keyes and myself, for example, plan to stream at least one run through of the Vault of Glass Raid in Destiny.

Additionally, since I will be streaming during the majority of the late night/early morning shift I promise to stream some of The Evil Within…in complete darkness and with headphones. BUT, I will only do so if we hit our $1,000 goal before 4am PST. Some of you may have seen my horror game playthroughs in the past, and if you have then you know how entertaining it can be to watch me get scared.

Overall, it’s going to be a fun event and we hope that you can join us to show your support in the Twitch chats and by donating. Like we mentioned, it’s for a worthy cause and if this first Extra Life goes well we have big plans for next year. Thank you to everyone that has already donated and those who plan on donating during the event!

Original author: Anthony Taormina
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Quantum Break - Jack Slow Mo Punch
‘Quantum Break’ 16-Minute Gameplay Footage Teases Story & Platforming

Coming out of E3 2013, Remedy Entertainment‘s Quantum Break was easily one of the more intriguing titles on display. Not because of what the developer had to show during the event, but because of what they didn’t show.

Remedy explained that Quantum Break would combine several mediums – both game and live action – into something unique. They also promised a time-bending set of mechanics that would blow those seen in Max Payne out of the water.

Since then, Remedy has slowly been peeling back the curtain on Quantum Break, letting gamers finally see what it is they have been working on. In August, Remedy released an 8-minute gameplay trailer that finally gave us a better understanding of Quantum Break. The footage showed of the game’s new time manipulation mechanic and combat, and it was plenty impressive.

Today, Remedy has released an extended version of that Gamescom sequence that totals some 16 minutes. It includes more story set-up on the front end and a platforming sequence towards the end that shows some other interesting ways that Quantum Break uses time. Check it out above.

Visually, Quantum Break continues to impress with tiny details and bold ideas. Yes, there is a bit of Max Payne and Alan Wake on display in the game, but the way Remedy plays with time is something that gamers haven’t seen in games before.

And now we know that the time manipulation actually extends beyond combat to include some light platforming. Watching as Jack Joyce tries to make his way through a crumbling bridge offers a lot of opportunities for Remedy to play around with their mechanic while also showing what the Xbox One can do.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know how the live-actions series (if it still exists) will factor into Quantum Break‘s story. From the footage it sounds as if Jack is trying to stop a former partner from some nefarious plot, but it’s hard to glean too much. We know that a failed experiment gives Jack his powers and somehow sends his partner back in time, but how the partner then becomes the villain isn’t clear.

Overall, though, Quantum Break continues to track high on our most anticipated list for 2015. We have some questions about how long these specific mechanics will be engaging, and how the story will come together, but for now we can’t wait to see more.

What do you think of Quantum Break’s combat and platforming sequences? How eager are you to play the game next year?

Quantum Break is targeting a Q2 2015 release for Xbox One.


Source: IGN

Original author: Anthony Taormina
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PS4 Firmware 2 Release Next Week
PS4 Firmware 2.0 Releases Next Week With USB Music Support

Ever since its release in November of 2013, Sony has been diligent in addressing the issues and concerns levied by the community. From missing features to ones that aren’t quite as efficient as they could be, the lasting appeal of the PS4 unsurprisingly relies heavily on these improvements. While the eagerly anticipated firmware update 2.0 has been a long time coming, the wait will soon be over with a release that has been slated for next week.

Headlining the new update will be support for a unique feature called Share Play that will allow players to simulate couch co-op in an online setting. In addition to this, players will finally be able to upload their gameplay footage directly to YouTube as well as access a dedicated app. All of this and more will become available to PS4 users on October 28 when firmware 2.0 launches.

These features aren’t the only new additions that players can expect from firmware 2.0. Revealed on the PlayStation Blog, Sony has shed some light on a slew of features that are meant to improve the efficiency of their console. These include a list of players you may know, easier access to broadcasting with the Live From PlayStation app and newly-introduced content filters, improved voice commands that bear a resemblance to those on the Xbox One, the ability to add free PlayStation Plus games to your library instead of downloading them and a more organized library and Content Area on the dashboard.

PS4's next software update, Masamune, will be available on 10/28. Includes Share Play, USB Music player, and more!

Another feature that will be making its appearance as part of firmware 2.0 will likely be familiar to Xbox 360 owners. Going by the name of USB Music Player, it will allow users to plug a USB stick full of music into their PS4 and listen to it in the background while playing games. While this is nothing new, the potential implications of it are rather exciting. Using the example of the upcoming re-release of Grand Theft Auto 5, the idea of a game someday taking your personal music collection and using it to populate an in-game radio station is tantalizing indeed.

In addition to all this, gamers will also gain the ability to not only add a theme to their PS4′s home screen, but also change the color of its background from the stock light blue to one of seven other colors. It’s a small change, but one that allows for further customization of one’s console nonetheless.

All things considered, the firmware update 2.0 is looking to be a hefty improvement for the already-thriving console. The PlayStation mobile app, Vita and PlayStation TV will all be receiving their own versions of this update in order to better connect the platforms so it will not be at all surprising to see Sony continuing to improve upon their various platforms as time passes.

What features or changes would you like to see in a future PS4 firmware update? Are you happy with the concerns that Sony is addressing with update 2.0?


Follow Ryan on Twitter @ThatRyanB.

Source: PlayStation Blog, Sony

Original author: Ryan Blanchard
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Far Cry 4 Trailer Arena Villains Wolves
‘Far Cry 4′ Trailer Features Wildlife, Underground Fighting & Villains

On the surface, the tale of Far Cry 4 might sound like someone’s idea of a perfect holiday: take a trip away to southeast Asia, and immerse yourself in a Nepal-esque culture, landscape, and spirituality. As those who have followed the game know, though, that experience isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Not when a tyrannical dictator sets you in his sights, and the country around you bursts into all-out revolution.

As the latest trailer for Far Cry 4 shows, players will be getting familiar with more than just the everyday citizens of the fictional country of Kyrat. Beyond stomping through the countryside and doing everything possible to survive in the chaotic open world that Ubisoft has concocted, the trailer gives a better sense of what central figures and areas players will need to traverse if they hope to foil whatever plans the villainous dictator Pagan Min has in mind for protagonist Ajay Ghale.

Unsurprisingly, given the amount of marketing that has been focused on Kyrat’s wildlife, many of the obstacles posed will arrive in the form of massive or deadly creatures (for whom Pagan Min’s forces are merely food or threats). But in the new trailer, it’s revealed that the wilder side of Kyrat isn’t limited to animals.

For as chaotic as the open world may be, the ways which the developers are seeking to control that chaos – at least partially – will play as large a role as the unpredictable gameplay mechanics that will make the game a true Far Cry experience. We got to see how some of that will be attempted by playing a hands-on demo focused largely on the same Himalayan location as shown in the trailer. We saw firsthand how the weapons available – oh, so many weapons – weren’t the only way to bring the fight to Pagan Min’s forces.

With the reveal of the Arena, it seems players will be forced to tackle threats both human and wild head on; skills that will prove useful later on, we’re sure. The trailer also shows that beyond the ground troops of Pagan Min, there will be just as many colorful characters out to harm Ajay Ghale as there are looking to help him.

What did you think of this recent trailer? Are you more interested in exploring the countryside and its people, or is it the combat that has you most excited for Far Cry 4? Sound off in the comments.

Far Cry 4 will be available for PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4 on November 18, 2014.

Follow Andrew on Twitter @andrew_dyce.

Original author: Andrew Dyce
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Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Review
‘Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel’ Review

There’s a very good chance when you start Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, you’ll have no idea what’s going on. The introduction to the third Borderland’s characters and story is as confusing and all-over-the-place as the game itself unless you’re a diehard fan of the lore and characters of the series. If you are though, The Pre-Sequel might be worth a look.

By its title, platforms, relative quick release date after Borderlands 2, the inclusion of the franchise’s most likable and crazy robot Claptrap as a playable character, a low gravity moon setting and the fact that Gearbox Software didn’t make this one, it’d be fair to be skeptical of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. And you’re be right to be.

The-Pre-Sequel, a game that takes place between Borderlands 1 and 2, is to the Borderlands franchise what Judgment was to Gears of War and what Ascension was to God of War. It’s feels and plays as a partly rushed cash-in during a transition period of the consoles. It wasn’t made by the original development team and it’s not a step forward for the series.

But if you’re in it just for the fun, The Pre-Sequel delivers in spades for gamers who love the wacky humor and characters. Even from the outset when choosing Claptrap as my playable character the game asks several times if you’re certain of that choice, warning of how annoying Claptrap is. For Borderlands veterans, this is just one example of the fan service The Pre-Sequel delivers successfully.

Borderlands Pre-Sequel Screenshot Dahl Boss

The story of this Borderlands in-between-quel is all about the fan service and is easily the best part of the game which otherwise does little new on the features or improvements front. In fact, it’s almost identical to Borderlands 2 in its gameplay, hub area, menus, quest system, environments, etc. There again are four new playable characters, all familiar faces from previous installments and DLC where they appeared as NPCs and the story follows the origins Jack and how he evolves into the Borderlands 2 antagonist known has Handsome Jack. How the story is presented, how it fits the existing lore and what it could mean for the future of the franchise are downright exciting ideas and help make 2K Australia’s entry fit perfectly into the canon.

Playing through to experience that story is a bit of a chore however, and The Pre-Sequel very much is a showcase of how dated the current Borderlands mechanics and formula are. The graphics are woefully unimpressive and are as inconsistent as some of the animations; there’s texture pop-in everywhere; menus and inventory management desperately need an overhaul and the little details are missing from what we expect from modern triple-A shooters.

But the graphics are not what makes Borderlands special so that’s forgivable. The real killers are the poor AI on enemies and the infinitely spawning hostiles adding to a tedious and unexciting set of side quests. The Pre-Sequel relies heavily on menial tasks, from collecting or killing a certain amount of this or that, and it becomes particularly boring when having to drive or run back and forth across areas that are unnecessarily restrictive and obstructed. The Pre-Sequel seems designed to limit players through poor vehicle driving mechanics and a terrible fast-travel system, and not even the new oxygen gimmick can solve that problem. It’s just not fun to walk around in the lifeless environments or to do some of the quests.

Borderlands Pre-Sequel Screenshot Environment Central Terminal

The one notable change to core gameplay is the change of setting to the moon Elpis. Characters need to breathe (other than Claptrap of course) so to do that players must maintain a certain level of oxygen, readily available through cracks in the surface, oxygen machines, loot drops and structures with breathable atmospheres. The oxygen meter continually counts down which adds a sense of urgency to travelling around and dealing with lengthy skirmishes, but it also allows players a form of double-jumping by letting characters float through the low-gravity environments using that same oxygen.

The jumping itself isn’t special, and the need for oxygen is annoying at best, but it does allow for some interesting combat scenarios with additional enemy types flying and jumping around as well. The system also adds the ability to slam down on the ground and deal area damage, but that requires being close to groups of enemies and isn’t all too effective.

Borderlands is a looter shooter by nature and The Pre-Sequel is a somewhat of a wasted opportunity in that regard. If you loved the weapon types of Borderlands 2, most of those types return with the addition of two new types: cyro weapons that freeze enemies and laser guns which burn them. The new weapon variations are welcome but we’d gladly trade them back to improve the general feel of the weapons. Most guns aren’t very accurate and many of them don’t even follow the ammo counts listed on their stats because they require multiple rounds per shot. Why not just list how many times a weapon can fire? What players will find is that most quest-rewarded weapons and guns found in weapon chests or off of enemies are obsolete before even picking them up.

Borderlands Pre-Sequel Screenshot Moxxi Bar

The lack of weapon progression combined with the painful process of opening loot containers one after the other manually (and individually) discourages exploration and looting. There are still some wonderful rare weapons here and there, but like most of the loot and side quests, so much of it is wasted time. After hours of grinding through a lot of repetitiveness, it’s easy to look at a few rooms full of containers and just pass them by.

And in the end, that’s how we feel about the game. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is not very fun solo but is meant to be experienced cooperatively with friends. It supports two-player splitscreen and online play up to four. For fans of the series, its style and characters, it’s easy to recommend to a group playing together. For everyone else, The Pre-Sequel isn’t very special and would be better served as a shortened expansion for the the last game.

We do love how 2K Australia worked in Australian characters and catch-phrases all over-the-game. It fits surprisingly well with the general no-holds-barred style Borderlands is known for.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is available on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. We played the Xbox 360 version for review.

Follow Rob on Twitter @rob_keyes.

Our Rating:
3 out of 5

Original author: Rob Keyes
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Minecraft Microsoft
Microsoft Unsure if ‘Minecraft 2′ Makes ‘The Most Sense’

Although it started from humble beginnings as a slightly buggy alpha made by just one person, Minecraft has since become the third best selling game of all time. Having raked in millions for the team behind it, Minecraft recently got a new owner in the form of Microsoft who forked over $2.5 billion to purchase developer Mojang Studios and their most well known title along with it.

But with that lofty figure overhead, many players grew fearful of Minecraft‘s future. How would Microsoft change it? Would they understand and listen to what Minecraft players want or would they disregard them in order to make back what they spent?

In truth, we won’t know the full picture for some time as the Xbox maker tries to figure out how to manage or improve one of gaming’s hottest properties. We do have a small idea though as the Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, has now revealed where he thinks Minecraft should go.

Minecraft 1.8 update

Speaking to IGN, Spencer answered the question that’s been on everyone’s lips; will there be a Minecraft 2?

“I don’t know if Minecraft 2, if that’s the thing that makes the most sense. The community around Minecraft is as strong as any community out there. We need to meet the needs and the desires of what the community has before we get permission to go off and do something else. It doesn’t mean that everything we’re going to do is going to map to 100 percent of their acceptance, because I don’t know if there is any topic where 100 percent of people agree. But we look at Job 1 is to go out and meet the needs of the Minecraft community first, and then we can think about ways that we can actually help grow it. That’s our sole focus.”

He also referred to Microsoft as “shepherds of the IP”, saying that Minecraft is “great game to add to [their] portfolio”. However, while Spencer’s words may tick all of the right boxes on paper, many will remember that Peter Molyneux, the former Creative Director of Microsoft Game Studios Europe, recently revealed that Microsoft used to think Minecraft was ‘rubbish’.

Minecraft Hits PS4 Tomorrow

Spencer’s plans for the future of Minecraft may also trouble those worried that Microsoft will simply just abandon non-Microsoft platforms. He added that;

“I think what we’ve learned through Xbox Live is something that we can help in unifying a little bit of what happens with Minecraft today. If I’m on PC I get access to the mod servers; if I’m on console or the mobile editions, I don’t. We’re looking at how do we bring that whole system together a little more. Because there are other games out there that let me move from screen to screen fairly seamlessly.”

Because of their Windows Phones and Windows desktop units, mobile and PC are two platforms where Microsoft has a vested interest (although their lack of PC support has recently come under fire) and could actively benefit. So even as Spencer says that he’d “love to bring it to more screens out there” it seems incredibly unlikely that Minecraft on PlayStation, Mac, Android and iOS would get to take advantage of a unified system.

Spencer didn’t reveal dates or a timeline for their plans though, so it could be some time before we see Microsoft’s vision of Minecraft out in the open.

Source: IGN

Original author: Jasmine Henry
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Best Racing Games
The 9 Best Racing Video Games

While children may spend year upon year craving to feel the thrill of the open road firsthand, and adults may only dream of taking a supercar for a spin against a field of opponents, racing video games have helped to scratch the itch from the very beginning. Over the years, the racing genre has produced some impressive titles, remembered for their over-the-top action as much as their technical perfection.

Spanning from local arcades to home consoles, and seeking to appeal both thrill-seekers and simulation fans along the way, racing games have come a long way from their 2D roots. Eventually, gamers came to expect more than racing from their racing games; but for purists, lighthearted cart racers or supercharged car combat simply can’t compare to old-fashioned speed.

Check out this list of 9 entries we helped put together that proves that evolution never stops in the video game industry, but no matter how shiny or pulse-pounding next-gen action might get, the best racers simply refuse to fade away. And share you top racing (game) in the comments!

Source: Green-Label

Original author: Game Rant
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New ‘Gears of War’ Hopes To ‘Get Back’ To Series Roots

The first Gears of War game was a breath of fresh air for early adopters of the Xbox 360. The hotly anticipated third-person shooter was a technical showcase for its time, and was undoubtedly the biggest release of the console’s first year on the market. The two numbered sequels that followed were successful both critically and commercially, but middling reception to Gears of War: Judgement in 2013 seemed to suggest that the series had hit a slump.

Earlier this year, Microsoft purchased the Gears of War IP from series creator Epic Games, giving them free reign over the direction that the series heads in from here on out. In an appearance on IGN’s ‘Podcast Unlocked’ earlier this week, Xbox head Phil Spencer has given some hints as to what to expect from the next Gears installment.

Spencer notes that “Judgment didn’t hit everybody’s needs and desires,” and states that the next game in the franchise— set to be helmed by Black Tusk Studios (with Gears veteran Rod Fergusson in charge as studio manager) — needs to concentrate on “getting back” to the series’ roots. To Spencer, that means a return to something “soulful and maybe even a little dark.”

The first Gears of War title was an undoubtedly bleak affair. Rather than depicting the struggle against an alien threat, the game took place after the world of Sera was already in dire straits, with humanity fighting a losing battle against the Locust. There was always a real sense of desperation, which was lost when its sequels tended closer to the tone of an action movie.

Scary Video Game Aliens Gears of War Berserker

While it’s somewhat played out for this sort of game to adopt a grimdark tone and setting, it’s a good fit for the visceral action that defines Gears of War. The first game had the occasional moment of levity to break things up — who can forget Cole Train’s request for you to ‘look at all that juice’ — but for the most part it played things straight.

Spencer confirms in the interview that the new game will not be a reboot, although it’s been made clear in the past that the series’ canon is subject to change. It’s obvious that Microsoft are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that Gears can return to its past glory — while it seemed to be destined for a lengthy hiatus up until a few months bacl, Spencer states that Microsoft intend to ‘invest in this thing for the next decade.’

Everything seems to be in place for Gears of War to come back better than ever — the question is, how soon does the next instalment need to be released before the franchise is forgotten by the Xbox audience?

Source: IGN

Original author: Brad Jones
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Super Smash Bros Wii U 3DS 8 Player Mode
‘Super Smash Bros. for Wii U’ Supports 8 Player Battles

Nintendo planned the latest Direct presentation to show consumers the difference between the 3DS and Wii U versions of Super Smash Bros., and it’s safe to say that the company succeeded in that. Aside from announcing future DLC that included the likes of the fan-favorite fighter Mewtwo, it was unveiled that some major multiplayer options would be arriving in the fighter.

More specifically, the Big N confirmed longstanding rumors by announcing that Super Smash Bros. for Wii U will support 8 players simultaneously on one console. Longtime fans are already well aware that this decision doubles the amount of combatants on-screen at the same time, and the end result seems to be absolute chaos – albeit star-studded and fun-filled chaos.

This option was missing from the 3DS iteration of the game, likely as a result of the portable’s lack of power in comparison to Nintendo’s home hardware. Suffice to say, this new mode of play looks absolutely bonkers, but some ingenious features have been implemented to cater to the upped player count.

By adding immense new stages to the mix, as well as bulking up the scale of a handful of existing battlegrounds such as Battlefield, 8 fighters are better able to duke it out. Fans won’t be able to participate on all stages with this many users, however, so they’ll have a much more limited selection of areas to choose from whenever they manage to gather up enough players for an eight-player Smash Battle.

Super Smash Bros Wii U 3DS 8 Player

Some new areas will also feature areas in them called ‘Danger Zones’ that will instantly K.O. any fighter that touches them after they’ve reached at least 100% damage. These areas are necessary based on the sheer scale of a lot of the new stages, with the newly revealed Great Cave Offensive battleground making heavy use of the new knockout strips.

Admittedly, having to rotate controllers around a room has been a major issue that the series has faced thus far, so it’s nice to finally have options to address those problems if and when they arise. That said, the end result of having this many players on-screen at the same time looks to be absolutely hectic, but at least it’s confirmed that up to two GameCube controller adapters can be plugged into a single Wii U console.

Regardless, it’s a huge addition to the franchise that many fans have been waiting to see for years and it’s sure to sell additional Wii U units as a result. It looks as if the creator of Super Smash Bros., Masahiro Sakurai, was on to something when he said that Super Smash Bros. for Wii U will reach the series’ true potential.

What do you think of 8 player Smash Battles? Will you be picking up the Wii U iteration of Super Smash Bros.? Let us know in the comments!


Super Smash Bros. is currently available on the Nintendo 3DS and is scheduled to arrive on the Wii U on November 21, 2014.

Follow Riley on Twitter @TheRileyLittle for more news on Super Smash Bros., as well as everything else in gaming.

Original author: Riley Little
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Destiny Xur Items Oct 24
Destiny: Xur Location and Exotic Items for October 24-26

It’s Friday in Destiny-land and that means it’s time for another edition of “Where in the Tower is Xur?” More importantly it’s time for Guardians to find out what new exotic items are on the menu for this weekend, and whether or not those weapons/armor will be able to help them in their ongoing quest.

For those who might not know, Xur is an Agent of the Nine and a secret vendor that only appears on Fridays and Saturdays in Destiny. He’s the mysterious hooded figure that sells exotic weapons, armor and engrams in exchange for either Strange Coins or Motes of Light.

Xur’s appearance is a big deal in the world of Destiny, if only because he is an easy way to accrue exotic items. Granted, Destiny players have to earn the Strange Coins to buy Xur’s wares, but that’s not a very tall order at this point.

Now, onto the fun stuff. This week Xur can be found in the Vanguard Quarters, which is the big room where the three class Vanguards are located. Once you enter the room, Xur can be found along the right wall. It’s actually the same position he was in about four weeks ago, so it should be too hard to miss him.

As far as Xur’s selection is concerned it seems the theme for this weekend is Chest Armor, as Xur has three different Chest pieces for all three classes. He also has the Suros Regime exotic rifle – a repeat from a few weeks ago, but a very worthy primary weapon if you don’t already have it.

Here is the full list of Xur’s Exotic armor and weapons, as well as their prices:

The Armamentarium (Titan Chest Armor) – 13 Strange Coins Crest of Alpha Lupi (Hunter Chest Armor) – 13 Strange Coins Voidfang Vestments (Warlock Chest Armor) – 13 Strange Coins Suros Regime (Auto Rifle) – 17 Strange Coins Exotic Gauntlet Engram – 23 Motes of Light

Where past weeks had one or maybe two repeats, it appears Bungie has exhausted their full Xur inventory at this point. It’s nice of them to bring back the Suros because it’s a solid weapon, but doing so diminishes the gun’s value for those who already bought it. See you next week!

What do you think of Xur’s exotic item selection for this weekend? What items do you have your eye on?

Original author: Anthony Taormina
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Hopper Version 3 was released today.  The old Hopper will be discontinued March 8th 2013.  You must upgrade as it will no longer function.

Here are some of the new fetures in Hopper 3:

  • Full Family Bucket Support
  • Performance increase for FireFox users
  • Less memory on all versions
  • Stability improvements, Hopper keeps on going
  • https support
  • New GUI
  • Better logging
  • Ability to run our Beta Hopper on demand