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Family Name Red Tag Description Members COM_FABRIK_ORDERCreated
Play At Your Own Risk ☯ ~ Describe why your Family is awesome and any requirements needed for potential members 4 2016-05-29
Spockholm Elite Spock ON I Want to Dedicate this group to Pete Martin for helping us with the best Bookmarklets Ever Made.If it wasnt for them we would have not reached our levels as fast.This is a new group for Spockholm.There is a Spock1Spock2Spock3 But this is the elite Crew. 25 2016-05-29
Spockholm SPOCK Spockholm Mafia Family 74 2016-05-29
Spockholm1 [Spock1] [SPOCK1] ....we\'re a highly motivated Family!Love to ICE or Fight the Arena...we\'re NOT a war clan. Perk #14... 61 2016-05-29
[ReW] United [ReW] [ReW] is a bunch of mischievous misfits that love to play, fight, & have fun! 96 2016-05-27
Rebels and Babes [ЯnB] War Page - https://www.facebook.com/groups/422703477775893/ Application to join - http://tinyurl.com/kz3858m 39 2016-05-26
The Pub The Pub The Pub, is a private group of friends. Our Minimums are 200k Combined (Red or White) and a sponsor. No Drama and you must like to fight. http://on.fb.me/165AOLi 63 2016-05-26
Metamorphosis -●M●- Where we live:\nhttp://www.facebook.com/groups/392381360825203/ 54 2016-05-26
⊕ ~Unforgiven~ ⊕ ⊕ ~ We are more than a tagged clan, we are a family plain and simple.We have no minimum requirement to join at this time We don\'t care if you win or lose when we fight. Only that you jump in side by side when the time comes. 32 2016-05-25
Wimps {Wimps} Welcome to the family! Customize your message to new members 15 2016-05-25
Mafia War Dogs {MWD} Mafia War Dogs loves to fight one hour family battles. Click the button \"challenge to battle\" if you dare !\n\nWe also are always looking for new dogs to add to the pack - message me if interested 89 2016-05-25
The Mafia War Dogs (MWD) MWD 95 2016-05-25
LES ANACONDAS VENIN We are accepting new members with the following minimum requirements:\n- 35.000 Combined Attack and Defense\n- 15.000 Health\n- 8000 staminas 18 2016-05-25
Toxic Avengers ☣ToXic≡☢ Toxic Avengers - ☣ToXic☣ Strike force members only. To join you must fill out http://tinyurl.com/toxicavengers and become a member of ☣ToXic☣ and join the Toxic RO room at http://tinyurl.com/6esclja. 46 2016-05-25
World Fighting Alliance {WFA} Requirements: 20k combined att/def..10k Health..6k Stamina...and be a seriously fun fighter. 40 2016-05-25
ĹeţħaŁ Iդјєcţıοή {Ĺј} Our Battle Page:\nhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/152179948165926 \n\nREQUIREMENTS FOR MEMBERSHIP: \n50k Combined Personal Attack & Defense and 25K health.....\nhttps://docs.google.com/forms/d/1k3bx82qVvBpceUWSEfVeiJhtXMxwlB2ZaBwQb_yv1hI/edit# 72 2016-05-24
※ƒ{m} Muppets with Guns MUPPETS There\'s a fine line between genius and insanity. We have erased this line. Welcome to Muppets with Guns!! 100k combined with 80k health to join. 64 2016-05-23
1st Family ¹ 1st Family, More Fighting, Less Politics :) 94 2016-05-23
**_** LIMITED EDITION **_** LE ** LE ** is NOT recruiting 47 2016-05-22
●ӇØЯÐЄ● ●ӇØЯÐЄ● We are a strong and active group of fighters who like to fight We look after each other . 30 2016-05-22