Try these M3U lists we found through google :


After you login in find the M3U Editor here:


Click on the Provider TAB and add a ROW:



M3U must have the username and password in the URL for M3U lists if one is provided.  

XTREAM *MUST* have the username and password entered below.

After you hit submit, it may take a few seconds to check the M3U - if there is an error you need to try again:



If no errors it, the provided will download, this may take up to 60 seconds to start:



This could take a few minutes depending how large your list is, look for the word "Finished"  - 



Now that you have a provider, add your first playlist :

Give it a name, if you have a guide in your provider list it will show here:



This is your new Playlist:


Move a group:







Let's move channels around:


Make use of the search options at the bottom to move channels around:


You can search, move delete channels and groups:


  Lets' use your playlist:




 Play in VLC:




Paste in the link and start playing:




VLC will start playing the first channel :

 Be sure to set your Timezone, so that your updates occur when you expect them :



Providers will update once every 24 hours. On the Provider list, you will find the last refresh date and time based on your time zone.