Import from M3U or Xtream-Code, edit and create multiple playlists!


Easy to Use

Simple Grid Layout

Drag and Drop TV Groups or Channels in any order

Easy delete and disable

Short Links to your playlist 

Secure in the Cloud

Free IP LOCK; Secure your list !

Our own secure servers

No third party storage 

HTTPS secure M3U download

Daily Updates

Schedule one update every 24 hours

On-demand updates with one click 

New channels and groups automatically added to the end of your playlist

Provider deleted channels after 3rd update ! 


Create Multiple Playlists

Unlimited Playlists during Beta Release

No Channel Limit during Beta Release

Support for JELLYFIN and EMBY .STRM files 




We host your providers Guide, you will not need multiple links to watch IPTV.

Compressed Guide only includes future programs 



No Applications to load

Point your player to your M3U playlist

Nothing to load on your computer





Get Stated Today

Before you can use the M3U Editor, you must first register.  Once you do, there will be a new menu item on the top -

If you feel adventurous, go ahead and skip the "How To" !  Three easy steps to get you started : 

1. Add a Provider

Try these M3U lists we found through google :

2. Add a Playlist

3. Edit the Group and Channels to create your personalized play list. (Drag and drop)



4. Get your Playlist links